Hidden file help

Hello, I’ve recently purchased a 4tb My Cloud and am new to Network attached storage systems and forums. I would appreciate any help that anyone could give me regarding hidden files,

The primary purpose for using the My Cloud is to store my music digitally and access it with multiple mobile devices as well as my computer.

When burning CD’s (using windows media player) album art is automatically created and appears correctly as folder and track images. However, I don’t see these as “files” within an album folder in windows explorer as I have “don’t show hidden files, folders or drives” selected. 

However, when browsing the music album folders in the My Cloud these album art files are displayed underneath the MP3 files.

So, my question is; Is there a way/option in the My Cloud, similar to the “don’t show hidden files, folders or drives” in windows explorer, to not display these files? 

Again, I would appreciate any advice anyone could give me, thank you.

Not in the way you are thinking.

“Hidden”-ness is an ATTRIBUTE to the file.   The hidden attribute isn’t a mapped attribute by default.

You’d have to modify the Samba configurations by hand to enable it.

Thank you for the reply, I appreciate you taking the time to do so.

Could you please tell me what the Samba configration is, where I would find it and how I would modify it?

It’s in /etc/samba/overall_share.conf

… I have no idea whether changes made there survive reboots / UI Config Changes / etc (I suspect not)