Hidden Character at End of Family Folder Name


When I copy and paste Z:\Family⁣ from Win 10 File Explorer, there is a zero width non-printable character at the end of the name (showing for me right now as a comma with a dashed box around it). When I paste into a Cmd window, it shows as a question mark with a dashed box around it. This is screwing up my robocopy command. Is this normal? Can I get rid of it (which seems impossible because this folder can’t be renamed)? New box, up-to-date firmware.


@TheListener Have you already looked at this from the Knowledge Base?


Looked, but didn’t find anything helpful.


@TheListener The special character is there by design and cannot be changed.



Thanks for the info. I’m guessing it has something to do with your desire/implementation to not have folk change the name of the folder. So, for the purposes of robocopying anything into that directory, given the special character, recommendations? Possible? Thanks again.


@SBrown that’s interesting becuase Cygwin emulator doesn’t see the special character. Must be a WinDOZ thing.

$ cd /cygdrive/y/Family⁣/


I’ve not seen a response from WD on the question that TheListener had.
Does WD have a recommendation for handling this special character?
FYI -this special character causes major issues in old programs that used the VB6 compiler and VB6 component for Command Dialog (which are still valid in every other way in currently supported Windows operating versions).


Hi i’ve got the same problem. I can’t back my files up using Robocopy under the Family directory because of a special character on the end of Family.
Is there a work around for this? Is there another Windows 10 script that will do
a Robocopy equivalent and work with this special character?
I’m looking for a simple solution.