Hi there newbie help

Hi there

Just purchased my WDTV Live streaming box and really loving it.

Just a quick query though.

When I view my PC desktop (that’s where I keep movies) it doesn’t show 2 to 3 of the most recently downloaded films.

Say there’s 13 films on the desktop, it will ony show 10 of them and the missing ones have all been downloaded over the past few days. The films will only show up several days later, which is annoying if I want to watch a freshly downloaded video immediately.

No codec problems as they show and play ok via USB connected hard drive.

Can anyone help a newbie???

you just need to re-scan the media library

there’s an option under operations that says re-scan media library. if you do that it will check for new files on the folder and you will be able to see the new files.