Hi, the MY CLOUD HOME is flashing white very rapidly

Hi, the MY CLOUD HOME is flashing rapidly white. I read that this means that it can’t pick up a DHCP address. I hooked it up to 2 separate routers with the same thing. I did a hard reset. Same thing. I tried assigning it a static IP and it would not take an address. Obviously, I tried several patch cables. And also obviously, it is not visible on the network. Is there anything else I can try? At this point, I’m considering taking the drives out and putting them in a new NAS enclosure. I’d rather fix this, however!

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Here is the User Manual for My Cloud Home. If you are setting it up look at what a flashing white LED means in the User Manual.
User Manual: My Cloud Home and My Cloud Home Duo (westerndigital.com)

Thanks for that info. I sincerely appreciate it! HOWEVER, I resolved the issue. I have a pretty secure Synology router. Just for kicks, I turned off ALL security, rebooted the router and the My Cloud Home, and now it works! Now, I need to do the firmware update to support the latest MacOS and tighten the router’s security one step at a time to see what setting prevented it from working. Perhaps a firewall rule is needed? Thanks for taking the time to help me out.