Hi I have problem with my PC recognizing my book 3T

2 days ago I’ve bought a My Book 3T essential WD and I cut about 700 GB files in it , in the process of cutting the last 50 GB the transfer speed was 30MB/sec but it started to slow down and when there was just 8 GB to cut it became 7MB/sec and it said it take 24 hours to cut so I cancelled the process and it took so long and didn’t cancel so I used Ctrl+Alt+Delete and and I gone to Start task manager and shut it off but as I shut it my windows explorer shut down too so I had no option except a empty desktop so I used Ctrl+Alt+Delete again and shut down the PC from there , it too a little longer than a normal shut down but it shut downed after all . when I started my PC again when I connect my hard drive to it at the taskbar in the device and printers the is a connected hard named My book …( serial) but there is nothing appearing in desktop to open it or you can’t see any hard drive in my computer , and also when I open the WD smartware it can recognize my hard drive but there is something written as : No Writable WD smatware partition found , I searched some said I should format it but I really need all the information in it , help me please.

i’ve tried to connect it to another computer s and i got the same thing as my PC shows so it doesnt work this way and about disk managemnet i should say it can find my hard but when i want to partiotion it it have an error than says its device error and also it cant partition more than 2T so this 2 ways doesnt work

Easy the partition is currupted, you will need to go to the disk management and you will need to reformat the drive and create a new partition… hopefully your files still on the computer.

Sorry dude

try to connect to a different computer, preferably a Mac to retrieve the files

you can do so with a recovery software

if no go, try contacting a data recovery company