Hi Guys, I need a lil help before I intend to purchase My Book Live Duo 6TB

Ok first of all , pardon my english as I might not be able to describe it properly . Anyway , here goes. Was just wondering a few things .

1-Does my book live duo only able back up when connected to a USB port in my computer?

2-Or is it possible that I connect to my router device in the living and backup the files when I’m in my room

I’m asking the 2nd qns because my current comp is connected by a ethernet cable from my router in the living and was wondering is it feasible for me to plugin the my book live duo in the living room and get my files backed up when I’m using the comp in the room.

Or any ideas to recommend as I want to have a large storage file for my movies since right now the setup is 

Comp > DLNA using router > TV

And 1TB for my comp doesnt seem to be enough ATM .

Thanks !

The drive could be connected to either a router or directly to the computer, it will complete the backup no matter what…