Hi, brand new Passport Ultra: I can't access it (Windows XP). How can I get rid of password/encryption function to enjoy my drive with simplicity? Thanks

Hello I have received my Passport Ultra 1 To model WDBGPU0010BBL this afternoon.
First I have installed the driver, but then I have no access to the drive, it only appears as “WD Unlocker (H)” size 8,78 Mo.
When I double click on it, it asks for my admin password, then a window appear saying that the drive is unlocked, but I still have no access to it.

How can I get rid of all those fancy password/encryption function that may be the cause of this annoyance, and enjoy my drive with simplicity, as I do with my other portable drives? Thanks

(OS: Windows XP sp3)

It seems to be a compatibility issue due to XP not supporting GPT partition:
In disk managment, the drive appears as a GUID Partition Table, so I will have to convert it using WD Diagnostics tool.
Is it the correct way to go?

ok, now it works!
1- using WD software “Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for Windows”: write 0 on the drive (last version 1.29)
2- Windows utility in disk managment to initialise the drive in NTFS.
3- set security authorisation for this drive in Windows if using non admin user account

I can simply access my Passport now, and apparently no hassle with passwords.

Thanks for precious help everyone :wink:


Thank your coming back and sharing the solution to your issue. This might help other users in the future.