Hi All.... Unable to access Public Share

I have been using my WD My Cloud for 5 months months with great success. I have all my music stored in the Public folder that my wife and I share. We access the music via the Sono’s app. Just the other day I noticed that I didn’t see the mapped drive any longer on the Sonos app. When I went to the Dash Board on for the WD it is showing the Public folder as greyed out. 

Here is what I see on the DB shares page.

media server: on

public access: on (blue but greyed out) I am unable to change it.

usage: 553 gb

user access:

both our names are greyed out and have no access rights

Is there a way to get to public share so I can remap my drive and give us both access again so I can stream to the Sonos app?

my firmware is set to update automatically so I should be at the latest.


The information displayed looks right. By default, you cannot change the public access to off for the public. As a result, corresponding user information is greyed out since all users have full access to the public share. So there is nothing wrong from the NAs perspective based on this display.

Can you see the public share on the network using a computer?

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Yes, I can see the public folder from my Mac and a Win 7 PC. Thanks for the reply, looks like I need to map the drive again