HI ALL.. Question reguarding MOJO 1.08.06 and new FW


will this theme  MOJO 1.08.06 work if i update to newest FW?



Yes, however, there will be certain things missing and will be field in by the Mochi theme.  Such as the new Games icon on the main menu.

I will be working to update Mojo just as soon as I get the chance, but it should still work.

GREAT thanks

and by the way ur theme looks fantasic  :slight_smile:


I do have to make an edit though, appears the Game tab on the main menu doesn’t appear with Mojo.

I’ll try to get it added in a day or 2 and upload it.   I’m also going to have to do some editing for the text, as overly long text is over extending where it should, although it is not cutting the front of the text off as it was with 2.05.08.

Depending on how much time I have to work on it, I’ll try to have a 2.06.10 compliant Mojo up this weekend (maybe).

Also, just an FYI to everyone.  Looks as though WD has now made it so that there is another level to the folders.  You now have a folder for the internal drive labeled “WDTVLiveHub”.  And now it seems that all the folder & file thumbnails are cached in a hidden folder name “.miocrawler_cache”.   I’m not sure the reason for this folder yet.

I don’t understand the point about the new root folder “WDTVLiveHub”.

I have already this folder with the previous firmware version.

It only disappear if you disable the multimedia library but in this case the cover box are in very low resolution.

Are there a solution to bypass this folder and jump in directly in this folder ?