Hi all can anyone please help

hi guys can anyone please help with my problem in this like ??? posted in the wrong  aera  



Well you are already getting help on that thread 

hi wizer thanks for taking the time to reply , yes i had i lot of replys from the above thread but none have worked and as some of the guys have said i have the post in the wrong area i posed it here hoping someone can help , dont know what is gone wrong and have spent hours in trying to fix this with no joy , i have tryed a roll back then reset and even cleared all folders fro my media library so there is nothing there i have gone to my nas and removed all wdtv folders (hidding folders ) dont know what is gone wrong


iam i the only one that is have this problem or is it a knowing prob ???

try rebuilng your library or deleting the library file and startting over.

your naming of movies & shows should be fine since you said it worked previously.

also if this is only happening to the main folder (ie. Tv Shows, Movies, ect) you can change that thumb too.

I don’t recall what the file needs to be named though, hopefully someone else can chime in on that.

I personally haven’t used it, but there is this:

WD Live Info Editor

it lets you edit all your movies and shows by hand instead of having the SMP do it.

hopefully something here helps you.

thanks for taking the time to reply Ripcord83

try rebuilng my  library or deleting the library file (wdtv files )on my nas the pic below is how my folders are mapped out this has only happed when i did an update to 1.08  and i even did a roll back and still the same

i cany beleave that iam the only one this is happing to :mansad:

Ok, so if I’m getting what you are looking for correctly, this is what you need to try first. 

Select “Videos”, then when you see your folders press the green button on the remote, select “Filter” then select “All”.  From the sound of what you have you previously had, this is how the SMP was filtering before and now you are filtering by folders. 

If this is not the case, then you may need to share a little more info.