HHHEEELLLPPP WD TV Live streaming problems and windows 7

Got WD TV Live last week with high expectations, dissappointed at this point.  I have read several posts here and on other sites, and one can surmise that there is no one way to connect  windows 7 with this device.  I have tried several things with out much luck.  Right now I can connect to my wireless network, and stream a file, after that many different things can happen.  One is the file stops streaming after 10 seconds. if you go back to the file it  comes up “media no longer exists”.  sometimes the folder is gone.  if you try and fast forward the it will lock up. I have plenty of bandwidth. 

i do have the drive shared on the windows 7 computer with “everyone” with all permissions. the problem happens on .ts files as well as avi files.  can be low res videos, still have the problem.  

Am I suppose to start the media server?  

Any ideas??? 

Post detailed information of your network setup.

Works just fine on my Windows 7 machines… likely an issue with your network. Provide us with some more details and we may be able to help :slight_smile: