HGST Ultrastar DC510 8 Tb Sas disk drive issue

Hi, if I put at least six HGST DC510 8 Tb Sas disk drives (Product number HUH721008AL520) in a Xyratex HB-1235 12bay Sas storage system and I try to create a RAID5 volume, it fails; disks are detected correctly except for the INTERFACE type, it says unknown instead of SAS. Since I’ve read it is a compatible drive in your official pdf compatibility list, can you point me a link with a firmware upgrade/downgrade of disk drives? They all have FW: A384. Thanks in advance! Nicola

P.s.: I cannot create a tech case with your online form because of an error in your serial number detection routine it says it’s invalid but all my drives have “short” serials, such as 2YJ0NDND or 7PJBVJDC, please create a valid case for me automatically!!!

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