HGST HTS721010A9E630 read/electrical element failure

Good day, i have a second internal 1tb hdd which 2 days ago showed me through windows diagnostics
that i had a hard disk failure, then i decided to get the hgst dft for windows which i ran, both test
gave different result

Quick Test
ReadErrorCheck : Pass
SmartSelfTest: Fail read element failure

Ext Test
ReadErrorCheck : Pass
SmartSelfTest: Electrical element failure

please what do i do, thanks in advance

Seems to me you should contact WD Support and not this user forum:

Only if you need the data, once you’ve given up on the drive it’s worth getting another identical and swap the boards… If that doesn’t work it’s worth swapping the cal-data and bad sector listing eeprom chip, the surface mount chip with lots of pins… (not an 8pin eeprom so kit is needed)

But only once you’ve given up! It works 2/3 of the time for me…

Anyone from WD got any ideas?

Best regards