HGST He10 10TB disconnects on deep queue 4k write

The drive in question is an HGST Ultrastar He10 10TB HUH721010ALE604 P/N: 0F27472.
I bought it from eBay in used condition.
The drive is connected to consumer motherboard MSI ZH77A-G43 and consumer power supply CoolerMaster G750M via Molex to SATA cable.
The drive is working fine most of the time, but when I starting deep queue 4K testing in CrystalDiskMark the drive disconnects and then sometimes reconnects. Sometimes I have to restart the whole machine to make the drive appear again.
From SMART data, it seems like WRITE FPDMA QUEUED command causing Device Fault; Error: ABRT.
Please help me to resolve this.

Also, I tried to submit an email case about it here but it keep showing some error, every time another number, and it says:

An internal server error occurred during your visit.
A system error was encountered during your request. If you need to contact us, please make sure to report the error number below to us.

Error number: 26428697
How to contact us: email or phone.

Please help!

Hi @DxCK - Thanks for letting us know about the error message. We will investigate to determine why you can’t create a case.

Regarding your actual product issue, @Rydia should be able to provide some advice.


Have you checked to see if your motherboard BIOS is up to date? It is possible the issue could be related to the Intel chipset drives need to be updated. Check with both of those and if the issue continues to happen then the drive is likely a failed drive and it would need to be replaced.

Hi @DxCK - We were unable to reproduce the error message. Is it still occuring for you? If so, what browser are you using (full version number please)?

Yes the issue is still occuring.
I have tried both Chrome 52.0.2743.116 m and Firefox 47.0.1 and the issue is still there.
I’m using this exact url: http://support.wdc.com/support/case2.aspx?t=hgst

I have tried different motherboard BIOS versions and Intel ME versions, and the issue occurs in all of them, including the newest BIOS version available 1.A (2013-10-29) and newest Intel chipset drivers.
Is there a way to initiate an international replacement directly with HGST?

You can create an RMA on the HGST website here: RMA

With that you can get a replacement drive under warranty.

@Rydia My country is not listed there. I’m from Israel.

From Israel you will need to take the drive back to your place of purchase.