HGST 6TB Internal failing?

I believe I have a drive failing… Windows 10 Pro, 64-bit. System contains two HGST 6 TB, 7200 rpm drives. One popped up in CrystalDiskInfo a few weeks ago with a caution. Since the first caution, the count of reallocated sectors and current pending sectors have increased to 22 reallocated sectors and 72 current pending sectors.

Running CHKDSK with options /F/R/X/B has repeatedly found problems with sectors and “corrected” them. The problems return after a day or two and CrystalDiskInfo continues to increase counts.

On a couple occasions, image data written to the drive has been unreadable with software indicating the files are corrupted.

Last week, drive was plugged into a USB3 dock, and after a day’s use, when the laptop woke from sleeping, the drive was shown as “RAW” and I was unable to return the drive to usability. I was able to recover most of the files that had been changed, but some were shown as corrupted and unreadable, and the data was lost.

This drive is used for critical image storage, and has currently been taken out of use because of reliability issues.

I ran WinDFT and it passed the short test. The extended test is currently running, but regardless of the results, am I correct that this drive is failing and needs to be taken out of service and replaced?

Drive finally completed the extended test, and it says the drive passed. So, is the thing REALLY reliable given the amount of bizarre behavior I’m getting or not? I sure don’t trust it with anything critical at this point, and CrystalDiskInfo STILL says there are problems.

Do I RMA the thing or is HGST going to whiz all over the request for a replacement?

Unfortunately, I just realized this forum appears to get an entry about ever 2 weeks, so it’s pretty much a ghost town and probably not a useful place to be asking questions that need fast answers…

Drive at long last finished the all-inclusive test, and it says the drive passed. All in all, is the thing REALLY dependable given the measure of unusual conduct I’m getting or not? I beyond any doubt don’t confide in it with anything basic now, CrystalDiskInfo STILL says there are issues.

Do I RMA the thing or is HGST going to master everywhere throughout the demand for a substitution?

Tragically, I simply understood this discussion seems to get a passage about ever 2 weeks, so it’s basically a phantom town and most likely not a helpful place to make inquiries that require quick answers…

the drive is bad… it passed but doesnt make any sense… change the sata cable and power source if possible just for testing purposes…
use hard disk sentinel to check on windows