HFS+ partition erased accidentally using utility disk (OS X). Help!

First of all thanks for reading. I’m two days trying to solve this big problem for me. I’m not sure if it has a solution …

I deleted accidentally the original partition “My book” (HFS+ / 999 GB) of my Western Digital external disc (1TB). I did it in the disk utility in OS X. When I did that, automatically was created a new partition called “Untitled” (HFS+ / 999 GB) with the same size of my deleted partition.

When a partition has been removed manually and automatically created a new one with the same size …What can I do? Any advice?. I need to recover “My book” partition.

Maybe is not possible to recover “Mybook” partition in this case?. I have the data, because I used a data recovery software, but I only got the files without names and without folders…. and it is a big inconvinient for me, because there are thousands of files.

Thanks again for reading. I appreciate your help with that.


When you did that you actually reformatted your drive without naming it.

You can easily give it a name. Just click the icon on your desktop. Then cick over the name and retype the new name.

Name it My Passport if that’s what you want. But you can name it antything you like.

You  actually created a single partition when you reformmatted.

you can, of course, create more than one partition, if required.

Thanks for your reply.

I don’t want to change the name of the partition. I need to recover my previous partition “My book” (and its contents). It is not a problem ot the name of the partition.

As I said, I used a data recovery software to get my data, but it appears without folders and files names. For this reason I am trying to recover my previous partition.

I don’t know how I can do that, if there is any way to get it.

Any help is very appreciated. 


OK  I see now what you want to achieve.

Firstly, DO NOT WRITE ANYTHING TO THE DISK, until you have recovered the data.

It would be helpful to know which recovery software you used.

You can try other proprietry software, but there are no guarantees - it’s try it and see.

I can recomend DiskWarrior by Alsoft. I use that.

There is a big BUT. For max cover you need to have run your disks through it prior to the event.

There is a source you can go to and search for data recovery software:


You can find DiskWarrior here and see if it is suitable.

good luck

I appreciate your reply.

I have tried with:

Remo Recover
EaseUS Data recovery
iDiskSoft Data recovery

Until now, has been imposible to get the data back with the same folders and files names as it was before.

I have used Data Rescue 3 to get data back, but without folders and without files names. When you have thousands of files, this is a big inconvinient.

As I said in my first post, I think the problem is that when I erased accidentally “My book” partition, automatically was created a new partition called “Untitled”. When I look into this partition, it seems to be empty. This partition has the same size as me previous partition (999 GB).

If someone has any advice or idea to try something different, I appreciate because this situation is very frustrating.

Do you live near any Apple retail shops.

They have genius bars with tech experts and do reairs onsite.

I know that the use Drive Genius software.

Since you used Disk Utility, they may of dealt with your problem before. I’m sure your not the first to do that.

In fact, I have been in the Apple Store already. All this problem starts due to I had a issue with my iMac.

They told me can’t help me with that. Suggested me to use Data Rescue 3…

1.9 Data Rescue Demo – Risk-Free Trial

You can use an unregistered copy (demo mode) of Data Rescue to scan for files. The demo works

exactly as the fully licensed version would, which will allow you to see all the files that are available

for recovery. However, the demo mode only allows you to recover one single file, no larger than


Once you have confirmed that Data Rescue can indeed see the files that you wish to recover, you can

simply purchase a copy of Data Rescue 3 from www.ProsoftEngineering.com and a serial number will

be immediately sent to you via email. Since Data Rescue 3 will not try and modify your disk, you can

test out the software without the worry of “making things worse” like you can with other disk utilities.

However, if your disk is having hardware problems, please see Section 2.7 for more information about

Drives with Suspected Hardware Problems.

I have used Data Rescue 3…as I said in my post…

I’m afraid I can’t offer any more advice, sorry.