HEVC .MOV Iphone8 files cannot play

MOV files imported from my Iphone8 cannot be played in the Mycloud app on my phone or PC. I either get a codec error or a blank screen. I think the MOV files are “HEVC” type. Is there a codec missing from mycloud and when will it be added? Thanks

If you haven’t done so already, see the past discussions (via the forum search feature, magnifying glass icon upper right) on the HEVC isssue. There may be a solution or workaround to the lack of support in the WD mobile app.


This post has the solution you need. This is not a WD issue, it is an Apple issue about iOS 11 compatibility, and is explained in great detail in the Apple
support link below. Pay close attention to the points made in article. After adjustments are made, I was able to view the new test photos and videos I made when using My Cloud app and directly from NAS folder on my PC.

In iPhone (and iPad) you need to adjust the Settings for both “Photos” and “Camera”. Any questions; let me know.

When you say its an Apple issue, lets also say WD should have skin in this game. As stated in Apple’s support article, “industry-standard format” stands out. So when is WD, Synology and others gonna support it? Punting back to Apple is not the answer.

Many thanks for the guidance Mike27oct and Bennor. I do agree whsbuss that I should not be having to work around the core application not supporting files from the latest Apple devices. I should not have to dumb down the files in my iphone to earlier technologies…

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I told the OP how to fix the current problem, and I also wish WD would fix the issue with their current NAS devices. But, what about older devices like WDTV and devices from other makers? What about Windows PCs. etc, etc. Just because Apple wanted to be first in the pool using this format does not mean every company needs to snap to Apple right away. I presume companies are working on this at their end.

Well stated. Just wish WD would say so instead on remaining silent on the issue.