Can someone help this senior who has purchased a WD 1TB My Passport Ultra? First time using an external hard drive. I had no problem installing it and backing up my pc. I would like to know how to back up a second pc on it. I have read the manual, but I can not see how to do it. Also, isn’t there a way I can see what files I have backed up on the drive. I don’t see anything that shows me what I have on the drive. Thanks for any help.


Hi Postman405,

You can backup a second PC on to the same My Passport Ultra device using same backup process. And backed up files will be store under different computer username.
If you are using any backup software (WD Backup or WD SmartWare), backed up files will be store under WDBackup.swstor or WDSmartWare.swstor file folder. You may refer this KBA to view backup files in the drive if backed up using WD Backup or WD SmartWare.