Here is WD My Cloud 2TB virgin disk image

Now I can see your images.

So you mean my image is all right?

The partition layout seems ok.

Is this a disk backup for full fresh install in case of soft brick?



And I got message about firmware upgrade that is successful after entire initialization.

Hi WSGVET, any chance of uploading the image in another place? Not sure why, but MEGA is not working here so I can’t download it.

Many thanks!

UPDATE: Mega is back and the link is fine no worries :slight_smile:

Hi WSGVET, I used your virgin disk image in my WD My Cloud with

dd if=image.img of=/dev/sdb 

And it works in the WD My Cloud, but when I connect the hard drive to the computer, it appears as if the partition table is corrupted, so I cannot access any of the partitions or the data.

I’m really concerned, because even if the unit works, I want to use the linux box and I dont want to loose all my data or have to try my luck with recovery tools if I do some wrong commands and it doesn’t boot anymore.

How did you make the image? using dd? when you connect the drive directly to the computer, can you see the partitions from there or is the partition table corrupted for you also?


I made this by

And I don’t know how to fix your problem.


I’ve been trying to unbrick my own WDMC 2TB and could use your image.
Is the link still alive? 

If not, would you mind posting it again?

Another link!

Your image saved my bacon! Thanks!!!

I used it to restore my 3TB drive. Shows as 2TB for now, so all I need to do is to resize the ext4 to 3TB :slight_smile:

Here is 3TB virgin disk image.:smileyvery-happy:

PRICELESS! Hahahah! Thanks!

Edit 1: Only issue… link seems to be down :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit 2: Nevermind :slight_smile: Link is up… but it is HELLA slow…

3TB another link!

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 Much better :slight_smile:

May someone confirm that if I buy a new 3TB empty disk and restore the 3tb image on the disk using ununtu disks, then plug it in mycloud box, will it boot?

Thanks in advance 

that is correct :slight_smile:

Yes. It works.

I tested with WD 3TB GREEN HDD, it works.

I have a solution to make a virgin my cloud of any size from scratch. It is a bash script. See this thread.


Could someone send me a boot.scr from /boot?

I have an issue with “unbrick process” - the script wants to run command: cp /usr/local/share/bootmd0.scr /root/boot.scr (for copy boot file from rootfs.img), but there is NO file like bootmd0.scr.

Please help.

any chanc for another upload of the 2TB Mybook Live IMage ?

Thank you very much for this quick-and-easy restore, which worked on my 4TB (with the 3TB) image very well!

I used gParted (xubuntu14.04 x64 Live DVD) to fix the last, large partition and to give it its “natural” super-size.