Here is how incompetent WD is & how little they care - $0 VALUE still!

So despite the following thread from months ago with acknowledges from WD employees that they were aware of the situation & would have it fixed:

There still is no fix. So many models still cannot be submitted for RMA because the value assigned to that model is $0, so you cannot complete the checkout, such as WD8003FRYZ


Best Buy & other stores sell these models, but to WD, these models don’t exist, & they offer you none of the warranty support they claim when you buy them.

So, since the moderators here are incompetent, I thought I’d try opening a support case showing those employees that these models have $0 values assigned to them. I showed them screenshots and all. And this is the incompetent response I received:

No, it is not my browser, & what? Complete incoherence from WD.

So sad.

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