Hi, I am new here and I wonder if someone could help with this.

I just recently bought a HEOS link, connected to a receiver and am using the HEOS app to stream music to this set. With this HEOS app I can access all the network attached devices in my home network but does not see my MyCloud which I recently hooked up. The Mycloud app on my tablet/phone works fine and all data is accessible. This means that I can play the music on my phone, tablet or PC but not trough the HEOS app on my stereo  has someone an idea?

Welcome to the Community.

Usually, there’s a particular configuration that needs to be set before it can work. How does your HEOS link work? Does it work through DLNA, or is it able to access SMB network shares?

I just looked at the HEOS website. what a piece of *bleep*…

It makes WD’s look like a model of clarity and efficiency…

Endless clicking to get any useful information.

Dominated by dark, moody pictures and almost no information.

Menus that pop-up large pictures as you swipe the mouse past, and have to scroll past in order to make disappear.

Links that don’t go anywhere, or go take you right back to the top of the website tree, or to the top of a website tree for a different country.

Buttons that claim to download ‘a quick start guide’ but don’t.

Links that ought to go direct to product-specific information, but take you to the top of their product tree, requiring yet another series of pages to click through, only to get a largely content-free glossy flyer that is a repeat of the website page images, rather than the ‘quick start’ guide you’ve been chasing down the rabbit-warren.

Feedback forms that come from a specific product page, but don’t pre-fill the product information.

I just hope the product firmware and app wasn’t written by their website developers…

Good luck…

Hi there,
I am in the same situation as you. Did you find any solution for it?, I bought this in order to work with my Denon Held device.
Thanks in advance.