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Hello there,

You should be able to copy the specific file and paste it on the original location it was located in, using file explorer of course.

Recycle Bin can be confusing at first. Perhaps these instructions can help you:

Follow these steps to configure and use Recycle Bin:

Web browser: Log into MC NAS Dashboard via:
http://wdmyclouddl2100/ – Replace with your login link

Shares Tab: Pick a share to add a Recycle Bin to (I use Public)
Under Share Profile: Active share: turn Recycle Bin ON.

Now, under your Network Places the Recycle Bin should show up.

However, deleted files were not going to the Recycle Bin.

I rebooted the NAS and now deleted files show up in the Recycle Bin. They are not totally deleted until you delete them again here. If you want to not delete anything here, move it back to original location.

No one said the Recycle bin is accessible or managed in the Dashboard. The instructions I gave you are for setting up the recycle bin within Dashboard in case you needed that.
Don’t expect the Recycle bin to be managed from the Dashboard,the my cloud is not set up that way – nor should it be. If you feel it should then post it the Ideas section of this forum and WD will consider it.

The recycle bin is managed through Windows as all files are. You need to go in Network section of File Explorer and manage from there. I have no idea what you are talking about the different volumes. The recycle bin looks normal from Windows.

Enjoy you new NAS.

Thanks for the info, I have a two disk, 4TB each model DL2100 NAS, as Raid 1, have seen the volume info in Dashboard, but not real useful info to me with simple raid setup.