I have never had any problems what so ever with networking between my PC and Hub. I transfer file constantly from PC to HUb with no problems what so ever. Now since I’ve upgraded the firmware to the latest 3.05.10 I can no longer do so. It will start a file transfer then half way through lose connections, disconnect then the drive cannot been seen unless I reboot the hub.

I have a wired connection and like I say always had no problems until the firmware. Its seems many others are having the same. I have tried to roll back and cant even do that !!

Are WD looking into this … it seems there is a lot wrong with the firmware!!!

What happens when you try to rollback?

Using a usb and Maxtor HD, putting roll back files in root directory but the Hub doesnt see firmware and give me option/icon to rollback/update.

Thats why it tells you to use a USB Stick. Use one and it will work.

You should be able to use any usb drive as long as the files are in the root.

Did you get the rollback firmware from the link below or did you modify the ver file?

I never got any joy with plugged in Hard drives.

Could only do it with a stick…maybe because they were over 1tb…dunno