Just bought the wd plus live today to stream netflix. No instructions on how to connect it to wifi. I tried network connectons and says it couldn’t find my wifi. its password protected but it cant find it., i have 2 laptops in the same room running netflix over the wifi. 

How to I get this to connect? What screen? I tried manual with my ip and dns and still said no go.

Im about to go buy a blueray with netflix and call it a day. Im willing to get some answers here first. The instructions on set up are non existent. Do i need a portable drive? the video looked like with the plus you don’t.

Very confused why this isnt working like it should.

Please help my router is a netgear

What do you mean NO INSTRUCTIONS?  There’s 5 pages of instructions on how to set up WiFi in the manual?  Did you read it?

So, when you go to NETWORK SETUP does it give you the option of WIRED or WIRELESS, or just go straight to the configuration?

If it does NOT give you the option, then the LIVE doesn’t support your WiFi adapter.   What adapter did you purchase?  Be VERY SPECIFIC.

No, you don’t need a portable drive.

Sounds like he didn’t buy a usb wifi adapter

Nope thought the plus had wifi so i returned the oiece of ■■■■ got a blueray dvd and am streming net flix fine for the same exact price. Thats def not worth it if you got to pay to add a wifi adapter…So i got what I wanted and WD got returned

If all you want to do is stream Netflix the Plus is not the piece of hardware for you anyway, so it’s good that you got what you want.

The Live is all about streaming network files (and only incidentally does Netflix, although it does it very well).  If you don’t have a home network that needs this then it’s a very wrong fit indeed.