I have a WD HDD 1TB. I have lots of movies stored in it. i just want to ask if i can connect my HDD to a DVD Player?

is it possible without damaging any of those two. thanks!

First make sure you have more than one copy of them.  You’ll need to post what the DVD player setup is .


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It depends on the model of the hard drive and the formatting on it.

Any of the Smartware password-equipped drives are pretty much guaranteed to not work at all.  WD says they need to be connected to a computer, and can’t be connected to other devices.  (Well, actually, the WD pages need updating… they still say none of their external drives will work unless connected to an actual host computer, which is no longer true.)

A bare drive, such as an Elements or one of the AV drives, should work, as long as it’s formatted the way the DVD player expects/needs.  If it’s formatted NTFS and the DVD player expects FAT32, then you’ll have to change the formatting.

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