I have a WD hard drive Model No: WD1800ME-01

It used to work and I have loaded it with numerous files - mainly photos

My PC now does not see it when I plug it into the USB.  I have tried it on a different machine, my Macbook Pro, but same thing happens.

Any ideas most welcome

Hi there, what if you try to change the cable or look for the drive on the Mac on disk utility (Go> Utilities> Disk Utility) or on the PC under disk management (Right-click computer/my computer> Manage> Disk Management)?


I tried looking as you advise on both the mac and PC, but no sign of the external HD.  I will try a new cable, but it seems the cable is connecting OK as the HD lights up as if its registering being connected - if that makes sense?

Thanks so far

Do you hear or feel the drive spin?

Yes - as soon as it’s plugged in there is a gentle hum and vibration as if the disc is spinning inside.