I have a my book essential edition it was working just fine than one day i started it up and now i can’t get it to do anything,  If i go to safely remove hardware it tells me that  WD external USB Drives is there but it will not show as a device on my computer. Any help anyone can offer would be get thanks

I have a very  similar problem so any help would be appreciated


Ensure the drive is connected directly to an available USB port and powered on.  Testing on another port might also be helpful.  Open Computer Management > From the desktop, right-click on my Computer and select Manage.  Or, navigate to Computer Management from the start menu (listed under Administrative Tools).  When this window opens, Select the Disk Management heading in the left-hand pane.  The disk should appear in the list of drive in the right-hand pane.  Does it have a drive letter assiged to it?

**EDIT - Jenny, you may want to start your own thread describing your problem, since your configuration and symptoms are likely different. :wink:

In my case no

Sorry posted before I read your edit and have already started a new post, many thanks

Well, I know its safe to say you aren’t running on the same hardware.  Are you using Vista?  Can you try what I suggested above and reply back.  :smiley:

  I’ll look for it.