Help Wrong sata connection installation

Apperently i tried to install a new 4 TB HDD sata 3 into my system on. A sata 2 connection but not using a jumper to set it on sata 2,
but during the formatting system locked up,

Now can see the HDD in my computer on a sata 2 connection but not in my device manager, windows disk manager freezes, and anything i do through my computer doesn’t seems to work like uninstalling drivers and such

What can can i do now?

Hi well it would make no difference that it was plugged into a sata 2 port with no jumper as the drive would auto set itself to sata 2 speeds. I would download the  Data lifeguard for dos found here you can try the windows version but it is best to do the dos one to start with.

Its fixed, tried to unallocate space then reallocate using jumpers, works perfectly, thanks anyways