Help with WDTVLH and Mac

My WDTV Live Hb has been working great for the first month I’ve had it. It shows up quickly on whenever I turn/wake my Mac and shows up in on teh netrowrk whether its powered up or not.

But just recently, the Movie Folder is being treated like a video file - as in it tried to play it even though its a folder not a file. Then after a few seconds, its ays there’s ‘no content’ even though I can see there is from my Mac.

After a few days of this, the LH now will not show up at all on the Mac.

And now, only the TV SHOWS folder remains - my MOVIES folder has vanished along with 800GB of HD movies!

What can I do to sort this? I’ve got the latest Firmware, have resterted the device several times - nothing.

I was really happy moving from AppleTV but now with these issues, super slow transfer rates and and poor thumbnail performance I feel like tossing it back to the reseller and going back to a jailbroken ATV.


Some preogress - the movide folder shows up when I browse the FILES menu but not in VIDEO.

So it might be part fo the theme or ID tags or something that WDTV uses to display contnet?

Still not showing up on the netrwork - whcih is a bigger problem.

Any help appreciated.

A factory rese (not restart) of the WD cured all.

you are the man lol