Help with WD10EADS 1 TB Caviar Green Drive


Can someone please explain what information I can use to find an identical parts drive to recover data from a broken WD10EADS 1 TB Caviar Green Drive. Do both DCM values have to match? I have seen drives with a Date within a couple of weeks of my broken drive, but the 2nd and 3rd characters of the DCM do not match. All the others do match. The LBA numbers also match. Would this be an appropriate candidate?

Many, many thanks and any help would be greatly appreciated.


Brooklyn, NY

Please be aware that even when all information matches on both drives this still is not the best way of recovering data from the drive.

You might end up damaging the drive further and if the drive is still under warranty it will be voided.

OK, so please explain how best to recover data or if there’s something already out there, point me in the right direction. Even if I use a service, won’t they need a parts drive?