Help with VISTA Backup


I have a 2TB drive and have just completed the first backup that automatically captured music, photos, documents etc.  But i notice that is has onyl done so for one of the Vista accounts!

My wife and i share the same pc so have an account each. i want the backup to capture all photos, music etc and not just mine.

Any ideas?



Because of system and user security levels within Microsoft Windows Vista, you may have to log into each User account to proceed with automatic backups.

This is because network location configurations are permissions are not shared between Users.

Hi J Staff

Thanks for your response.  For the avoidance of doubt, when you say I ‘may’ have to login to each account is that a definite postion or might there still a way around this?  I’m not doubting you but i just want to know if your answer is authoratative or an opinion



If all other User accounts are public and have no additional user permissions, then they should be copied as long as the main Administrator account runs a backup. Otherwise, individual login may be required.