Help with streaming from Live Hub to Live


I am wondering where I might need to increase my signal. I have a Live Hub that is wired to a 3TB wd drive. Upstairs I recently purchased a wd tv live. From the tv live, I can see all of the folders from the hard drive that is connected to the live hub and play all of the files. The problem is that the playback is often choppy and freezes for long periods, especially on larger files. Not sure where I need to upgrade. The hub has a cisco linksys for the wireless.

Hi, how many bars you have for the wireless signal? If you can try using a wired connection for the Live Streaming and check if the same problem happens. 

Thanks for the reply. I have three bars from a linksys 54GS wireless router. I bought a d-link DIR-655 router, but it seemed to get less of a signal throughout the house. I just checked the tv live, and it played a large file without jumping. I was just wondering if there is anything that I can add that will make the signal strong and consistent. 

I have two separate SMP’s with a HDD connected to each and I can’t stream larger Bitrate files from one to the other without pauses in playback either. My problem is that i only have a G router. I think my solution is to upgrade my router and add a bridge near my furthest SMP and just hardwire both units. I think I’ll just purchase a 802.11AC router and bridge and hopefully flawlessly stream my 1080p files.

The 54gs is a g-only wifi router.  Rather old, and rather slow by today’s standards…

Wirelless connections are problematic for streaming.  They basically have to be “perfect” so that max signal transfers occur between router and receiving units.  Wired is always better. You have also changed from a G band to an N band router.  Although N band is faster than G, it does not have the range of G.  I had a similar problem when I upgraded from G to N.  Since the WD will receive the N signal and not the G anymore, it is dealing with a weaker signal now, and it took some fiddling to get a good N signal into a room that was fine with G.  It took better positioning of the router and its antenna and changing broadcast channel of router.

To help you do this, too, download the free program inSSIDer from (there are versions for various platforms, Win, Mac, etc.)  Read the user guide there and install inSSIDer.  With this program you can see your wireless signal and all others around you.  If you have a dual-band router you can fine tune the 2.4G and 5G signals for max effect.  Use a laptop you can move around with to view the signals, their strengths, etc.  Select the best (least crowded and strongest signal from your router) 2.4G channel from 1, 6, or 11.  Do same for 5G channels.  Fortunately, you have adjustable antenna on the router, so  adjust your router antenna for best results and turn your router if necessary.  By using inSSIDer properly and effectively, you can squeeze blood out of a turnip.