Help with Seagate Nas 440

Just bought a 12TB Seagate NAS. Connected everything as suppose to, running into a few issues i need help with.

  1. When connecting Nas to LAN the WDTV Live does not detect the device as a media server

So i took an ethernet connection from WDTV straight to Nas server. So it detects it, i click the movie folder, says every folder has no media. So i find one folder with media, i click it disconnects from NAS says source has been disconnect it choose another source. So fed up with WDTV this newest and latest update is **bleep**. Hope somebody can help me.

Try setting a static IP for both to see if that helps. 

Not all NASes come configured as media servers.

I have a Synology NAS and in order to have it function as a media server, I have to install an app.

It should automatically be seen as a network device (should be able to ping it, map drives, etc.) but whether or not it shows up as a media server could rely on the config of the NAS.

Page 22 of your user’s manual.