Help with piece of junk OS5

why aren’t there any apps in OS5 how do i get a DNLA player i cannot view any videos on my tv’s

OS5 does not work on the single bay My Cloud. WDMyCloudImage

Post here,

I don’t have a single bay I have a 4 day EX4100 as I stated


Your topic, “Help with piece of junk OS5”. The above is what is showing in your initial post and your topic is in the sub-forum, My Cloud OS 3 Personal Cloud Storage.

Yes, you should be posting under the correct sub-forum for your device. Go back to WD Community and you should see this.

Your initial post made no mention of the type of TV you are using nor the exact model of My Cloud you had. This subforum (My Cloud) generally discusses the single bay/single drive My Cloud which uses “OS3” and is not supported by OS5. There is a dedicated subforum for OS5 on the EX Series:

On the single bay My Cloud one has to enable the DLNA media server within the My Cloud (My Cloud Dashboard > Settings > Media > DLNA Media Server) in order for a smartTV (or streaming box) DLNA client app to find and stream content from the My Cloud. Once the DLNA media server is enabled one then needs to enable Media Serving for each Share (My Cloud Dashboard > Shares > Media Serving) that contains media one want’s to stream. No idea if the process is the same under OS5 or on the multi bay My Cloud units.