Help with picking a theme & install help?

I moved 34gb of mp3s yesterday to the hub, so now I’m looking for a theme for better looking ‘Now Playing’ screen & better navigation if possible. I would rather the video side be more functional than eye candy, I do not care about  backgrounds. I’ve had my hub a few years now. I use the small grid view for my videos, not too aesthetically pleasing, yet it’s easier for navigation. I have thousands of videos, so simpler navigation is best for me. 

The video backgrounds (aka movie sheets) only appear in 1/5 views, for that matter all themes are fine.

With music everyone has it’s likes and dislikes i don’t really think a recommendation is going to help you here.

Simply download a few themes, they are free after all…

unpack the the theme pack and copy the theme folder in .wd_tv/themes on your Live Hub

you can select the theme from setup/appeareances/ 

it’s very easy

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If I install a theme, do I have to also have the moviesheets? I spent lots of hours on my setup when I started, and I’d prefer not to do that again with something new, lol. I have tons of videos. Not to mention my fiance swears I create problems so I can tinker with the setup…

Edit: Half asleep still, I just realized what you wrote. One out of five views! Cool, thanks. If any questions, I will be back…

mwalker208 wrote:

If I install a theme, do I have to also have the moviesheets?

No you don’t “have to” but if a theme uses a particular moviesheet it is recommended.  Besides, moviesheets have nothing to do with Setup on the HUB (if that’s what you mean), the only thing you have to do is use Thumbgen to create your metadata xml’s and moviesheets for that theme.

I think I’ve come to the realization nothing spectacular is going to come out of this as far as me having better ‘Now Playing’ functionality. So like the bottom of all your posts says tw, I’m wanting to just give my hub a facelift. 

From reading some different threads, I am under the assumption the Legacy theme is in all of the gpl? zip files that come out with each revision. I downloaded the latest gpl, and I have no idea what I am looking at, lol. I did download a link from a previous fw version that you had uploaded tw. And it looks nothing like what I see inside of the zip file of the gpl. What do I need to do to extract the latest version of Legacy from the latest gpl?

I’m thinking it might just be easier to rollback to 3.05 & use the zip tw uploaded?

For instance, I see no folder that looks like this: RV_3.03.13_G\RV_3.03.13_G\src\libs\RES_RV folder. I did download the entire gpl…

No, the latest GPL doesn’t contain the Leagacy theme, it contains the OSD (default Mochi theme).  This, if you are looking at creating your own theme is what you need to have because it has all the xml & image data (the Leagacy doesn’t).

If all you want is the Leagacy theme, then you can just go to Setup/Appearance/User Interface Themes, then press the red button on the remote to switch to Online Content and download Leagacy directly to the HUB.

But the GPL and the OSD downloads are only needed if you are wanting to create or modify your own theme.

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ALL THIS TIME! It’s been a few years, and I have used the basic mochi theme the entire time, not knowing this option was there. Thank you very much…

Hi There-

I’m hoping to pick someone’s brain-I have a 1TB WDTV Live Hub -(I think it’s version 2.03.04 (?))  but I am not connected to a network as I choose not to have an internet connection at home-Just personal pref I guess as it can take over. I’m thrilled with the hub and apart from some minor playback issues it’s been brilliant.

Now, can I download themes/firmware directly from my usb flash drive-or/and can I connect my laptop to the hub via a cable? I have windows 7.

Don’t get too technical-I can be clever, but I’m not perfect-!