Help with OSD Mochi Theme

I am customizing the Mochi Theme to my liking. Mainly the gallery view.

Can someone please telll me where and what file i need to edit to move the 3 icons up under the time?

See here, its blocking the movie covers.

Thanks :slight_smile:

My custom Mochi Theme here. (Custom Gallery View)

Note: This is not the newest version of the Mochi Theme.


Download Here:

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<?xml version="1.0"?>

<image image="image/video_encoding_bg.png" x="0" y="0" w="1280" h="720" bg="1" disable="@@disable-overlay"/>

<text text="@@pagecounter" x="490" y="661" h="25" w="300" fontsize="24" align="hcenter" textcolor="0xffffff"/>

<imgbtn x="1018" y="115" w="51" h="51" image="@@bg-RULE" text="" active="@@act-RULE" disable="@@disable-RULE"/>
<imgbtn x="1071" y="115" w="51" h="51" image="@@bg-SOURCE" text="" active="@@act-SOURCE" disable="@@disable-SOURCE"/>
<imgbtn x="1124" y="115" w="51" h="51" image="@@bg-DISPLAY" text="" active="@@act-DISPLAY" disable="@@disable-DISPLAY"/>
<imgbtn x="1177" y="115" w="51" h="51" image="@@bg-DASHBOARD" text="" active="@@act-DASHBOARD" disable="@@disable-DASHBOARD"/>

<!--List view button-->
<text x="682" y="130" w="326" h="27" text="@@text-RV_BROWSE_HINT" align="right" fontsize="20" textcolor="0xffffffff" disable="@@disable-FULL_CTRL"/>
<text x="734" y="130" w="326" h="27" text="@@text-RV_BROWSE_HINT" align="right" fontsize="20" textcolor="0xffffffff" disable="@@disable-NO_RULE"/>

<!-- Info -->
<image image="@@info_icon" x="55" y="71" w="90" h="90"/>
<text text="@@info_sub" x="164" y="87" w="500" h="29" fontsize="26" textcolor="0xffffff" speed="1" delay="2"/>
<text text="@@info_main" x="164" y="117" w="500" h="45" fontsize="40" textcolor="0x07b5ff" speed="1" delay="2"/>
<!-- <text text="@@info_main" x="139" y="118" w="450" h="40" fontsize="40" textcolor="0x2faefc"/>-->

<!-- indicators -->
<image image="@@moreprev" x="69" y="641" w="21" h="36"/>
<image image="@@morenext" x="1190" y="641" w="21" h="36"/>

<!-- error message -->
<text text="@@error_msg" x="0" y="340" h="40" w="1280" align="hcenter" fontsize="30" textcolor="0xffffff"/>

<image image="@@fake_now_playing" x="0" y="0" w="1280" h="43"/>

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Awesome Joey, worked perfect. Thank you very much.

Its a shame your Mochi Alaska Icon Menu theme was deleted :frowning:

I decided to do my own basic custom layout changes with the OSD because of your theme not being released anymore.

Looking foward to any …and all your future theme projects.


@ littleg68

Its a shame your Mochi Alaska Icon Menu theme was deleted

Yep, it was deleted thanks to … errrmm_,_ wont say  ‘who’ again_  :angry:_

it was 60-70% done … thankfully, still have some gimp designed graphics somewhere

but, xml code is gone… i can / could redo it … but lack the motivation after the incident that was not my fault.

Pity I only joined the wd community recently… sounds like a really juicy story :stuck_out_tongue:

Got a few PM requests to share my custom changes on the OSD theme.

I have added a download link with the changes on my first post here. I may make some more changes later, but for now this is what i got.


Thanks for sharing!