Help with Network Shares


WD Live Streaming Media Player, 1.13.18

Workgroup value is set consistently (not ‘Workgroup’)

Server name is discovered 

   Win XP server

   Firewall disabled

No option to select a share?  Expected \server name\share

User/pass confirmed

Upon connection, receive “Unable to connect to the selected source.  Please make sure the selected source is active and available for sharing.”  

Confirmed share is active and available by connecting via laptop and mobile device using same credentials.  

Suggestions?  Thanks in advance.  


hi ^^ you have to enable the service : Helper netbios

press windows +r type services.msc in run then press enter, search helper netbios then set to automatic and run the service

I think this fix your problem :slight_smile:

Let me know if it work.

Thanks for the reply … that service (TCP/IP NetBios Helper) is already set to automatic and is running.  

Other ideas?  

Anyone?  Has anyone been able to connect this device to a network share successfully?

Also opening a case with WD support. 


I have… my SMP is connected to my HD TV and to my Netgear router. My WD HDD is connected to the back USB port of the SMP. I followed the instructions in the User Manual, under "Moving Files Between the Media Player and a Windows Computer (pg 32). I had to download the WD Link tool from http://products/wdc/com/WDTVLiveG3. Follow the steps to map the correct drive.

Now I can load files through my laptop directly into the HDD wirelessly, and they show up in my Videos.  Please disregard if none of this is applicable.