Help with my WD Live ppppllllease

I hope someone can help me with this. I had my WD for about 1 year now. Was working fine until yesterday. I usually watch movies by transferring them from my PC to a USB drive and then to the WD. Was going fine until yesterday. The movie(divx, avi)would start and pause. start for like 1 second and then pause for 3 and would continue in that pattern. Thought it was the file so I tried another movie that I know works and had the same problem. Tried reformatting flash drive, but that didnt solve the problem. Tried resetting WD back to factory settings, but that also didnt do anything. Anyone know whats wrong with my WD?


On your PC, from the root of your HDD try deleting the .wd_tv hidden directory.  This is like a cache directory and may be corrupted.  The cache will rebuild when you plug back into the WD box and you “should” be ok.