Help with my wd cloud 3tb gen 2

I have the above device. I can’t connect through ssh it says access is denied,no matter how times I connect to webui and change the password. I know nothing much about ssh connections but I need it to install apps so please I beg for your assistance…I learn very fast its just am not getting such a similar case in the forums.English isn’t my first language but I hope people understand me.Am using Putty by the way.


when you enabled ssh in the GUI (web interface) it should have told you what the default user name and password:

username: root
password: welc0me

try that. be careful. |you are root and one stupid mistake might wipe your files.

If your knowledge of Linux or ssh is weak, don’t do it. install a Linux system somewhere and learn on that.

wasn’t the one who activated but through trial and error I logged in to root with the password -admin (??).Anyways now am in is it possible to create a non root access with admin privileges.Trying to install Transmission and other apps

Ah. Gen2 is different password.:slight_smile: