Help with My book Live

We have a desktop and a laptop. I installed the sofware for My Book Live on the desktop, set up a drive, and it went beautifully. We then went to my laptop (which is what I use) to see if we could access it via the network. It also showed up in my Networks. Here’s where the problem comes in.

  1. With the my Book live turned on, my laptop will not read any USB ports.

  2. I can’t shut off my laptop, it just sits at the ‘shutting down’ words until I pull the battery.

If I turn off the My Book live, my laptop works normally–the first time I’ll get the Safe Mode screen, since I had to do a manual shutdown. 

I upgraded the firmware on My Book Live and on my router. I also installed the software on my laptop (for my book live). And, it shows up, but all of my USB ports won’t work, and I can’t shut down my laptop.

I’m not sure why it is interferring with my laptop like that, but does anyone have any suggestions on what to do?  I’m at the end of my rope on this and can’t figure out what else to do.

thanks, Susan N

This is a very rare issue the one you have with your laptop, you should contact WD Support and request your case to be handled by their Level 2 support: