Help with my book live setup


I got my Mybook live 2TB a while ago.  I decided to connect to my computer vs a router (did not have router), and ran into some problems.  Contacted support and got it working, I don’t believe I ever went through the my book live setup, and just used the shared folders under guest.  I wasn’t concerned with where I lived.  Currently I’m concerned about using my shared folders and other people accessing.  Can I go through the my book live setup even if I already have information stored in the guest/shared folders.  I don’t want to lose pictures and other information I have already saved.  I’d like to be able to password protect my folders now…

Thanks in Advance!


Hello, there is no option to setup a password for the public folder, but you have the option to password protect any folder that you create. Check the link below for the steps (page 77 of the manual).