Help with My book essentials 2TB Usb 3.0

I have a My book essentals 2tb usb 3.0 drive and i have sent it in 2 times and now im going to send it back in a 3rd time.

All the drives i’ve goten won’t pass the extended test with data lifeguard i keep getting “To many bad sectors” every time i do a test and when the drive is being used it will just freeze out of know were, i have a another My book essentals 2tb usb 2.0 and i have had it for over a year now and it passes the test with no problem so im sure its not me. lol

Should i keep sending it in until i get a working drive and is there a way to get a diffrent modle of this drive if i return it like the usb 2.0 version



Ask WD for a different model if you email then and explain the entire situation they will understand, at least it happen with me…

I notice that every drive i get acts the same as the first and im not sure that a coincidence or im just unlucky.

I do a scan and it finds to many bad sectors then the drive freezes and i have to remove the power to get the drive working again.(the drive freezes even in just normal use not just when i do a scan)

All the drives i’ve goten all ended up like this

Thanks for the reply and i will message WD to see what i can do