Help with My Book Essential - not accessible anymore

Hello guys, I’m new to this community, so sorry if I’m posting something already covered.

I had a My Book Essential external drive for quite some time now. It usually work fine but, today I’ve tried to used it after a long disconnected period (it was connected to the power supply, but I removed the usb cable).

Now, I’m having a very hard time to access its data. In fact, it seems to be damage, but I still have some hope it’s not.

When I try to connect it to my Win 10 system, I get a bunch of different erroneous behavior, like:

  1. Some times Windows shows me an error message stating that the USB device was not recognized
  2. Some times it manages to recognize the device (I can see the WD SES Device, in my device manager and, checking its configuration, I can find no errors there) but, even though, when I try to access it, programs get stuck (File Explorer, CMD). Even the WD Data Lifeguard get stuck when I try to run it with the drive connected.
  3. When I try to reboot my system, having my drive connected, the computer get stuck in the initial black screen (before start to initializing Windows).
  4. Some times, Windows show me a message suggesting that the unit must be formatted in order to be used.

Once, just once, I managed to make the Lifeguard to detect my drive and, in a quick test, I’ve got the following error message: 03- read smart attribute command error on drive 3!

Unfortunately, the support for my device has ended. But, I have valuable personal data there, and I’m begging for help from this community.

I would really appreciate any advice or suggestion you guy could provide.


One time, I’ve got even a Windows blue screen.