Help with Moviesheets displaying info in Thumbgen

When I am creating manual moviesheets, I am unable to generate the correct image in the Moviesheet Editor pane for the Mojo Glass template. With the default template there is nothing wrong and the entire file displays as it should. but if I change the template to be the Mojo theme’s Glass, then no Movie Information is displayed. Does anyone know what could be the cause to this issue?

I have been reading up on this as much as I can, but I still have a lot to learn. I have followed the Thumbgen Guide by Tinwarble word by word, so I’m not sure of the cause of the issue. Thanks in advance.

see pictures below:


The movie info and cover are not supposed to be generated on the sheet.

The cover comes from the coverart (moviename.jpg) and the movieinfo comes from the metadata.xml (moviename.xml) that you generate in Thumbgen.

Ok thanks for the clarification. I was sure I did everything correctly, but was misled by the default moviesheet refreshing with the cover art and information.