Help with MBL error report

I recently encountered problems with my MBL duo. Not sure what caused it but for a few days the yellow light would not change to green and I could not get access to it. We did have a power blackout for a few minutes while there was a file transferring but besides that nothing obvious.
After the yellow light had not stopped blinking for a few days I turned the drive off and did not turn it back on for around 4-5 days.
When I switched the drive on this time the light changed green after the usual time, I ran a short test and got no errors, when I run a long test it reported errors in drive 2 and could not complete, I got the test program to create a log but do not know how to read it or what I should be looking for.
Can someone help with this?
If I upload the report will it compromise the security of my network in any way (Don’t know what the report contains)
So as things stand right now, I can access the MBL and transfer small files, but if I try a large file or try to watch a movie it will bring up a error window after 10-15 minutes saying transfer was interrupted. Plus any transfer that does work is sporadic with speed ranging from 20KBPS to 15MBPS.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

If drive 2 reported an issue then your unit’s RAID volume is degraded. Performance can be severely affected until the faulty unit is replaced and the volume rebuilt.