Help with lost / locked folder

I had a PC set up to my book live drive and set up a folder that I didn’t want the kids to have access too and now I have forgotten the password to access the folder is there a way of unlocking this folder and I can’t see/view the folder on any other PC/laptop connected to the drive either

Share passwords are set via the MBLs UI.

Im sorry but I have no idea what you have just told me . Im new to all this computer stuff and need it explained in simple terms (very simple if poss.) please.

Type your mybooklive ip address or network name into your web browser to get to the dashboard. Click on Shares on the left side of the screen. Change the share from private back to public and save the changes. Then go to users and delete and recreate the user with a new password. Go back to shares and click on the folder you want to make private and tick private and select the user you want to give access to the share.

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thank you so much all ok now