Help with IP address

Hello, I have a netgear 748T 48 port gigabite switch with a connected ReadyNAS Duo as the NAS which also assisgns the IP address for any users plugged have no issues except when I plug in a WD live I cannot for the life on me get an IP address, have even tried manual setting adn IP address in the range and just out and it tells me limited or no connectivity"… Any thoughts…:dizzy_face:

Is the ReadyNAS also providing a Default Gateway and DNS information?   If not, then you’re going to get that error.

Hello thanks for your help. It is not, what should I set it up to what should my default gateway and DNS be?? I have readynas set up with ip address of, subnet and ip range to

The Default Gateway should be the address of the router that heads out to the internet.  

The DNS is very likely the same address, as long as your router is doing DHCP and will provide DNS relay.

If not, just set it to the DNS address provided by your ISP.

The System does not have an ISP or get assigned IP’s from the router the IP is assigned from the ReadyNAS, what should I set the gateway and DNS of the ready to be with the current settings?

ISP is Internet Service Provider.   If your router doesn’t do DNS proxy, then use the same DNS your PC uses (assuming your PC is on the same network…)


Thank you for your help so far. I know what an ISP is. This network I have set up is an entertainment network. No intertnet so no ISP. It is just a 48 port switch with up to 48 users who log on and download or upload stuff to the readyNAS box. The ready NAS box provides the IP address and acts as the DHCP. What do I need to set up in the readyNAS as the Gateway and DNS address using the settings I have mentioned?