Help with fried logic board

Im hoping someone will be kind enough to help me.
I have a wd3200 320gb hard drive that I think got electrically fried by my constantly crashing pc. Now my secondary hard drive will not start up at all, no power, no noise, no anything. Although my primary hard drive is fine ( and now backed up!!).
Although I am quite desperate to get this hard drive running, to get off all my files that are quite literally irreplaceable
As such, I didn’t want to bother people on here when you all have already given so much help to people like myself in the same situation.
As such, I have been reading lots of fzabkar’s posts, and I checked my d4 and d3 diodes on my hard drive. D4 scores 0 ohms, and d3 scores about 170 ohms. So I’ve removed d4, but nothing has changed. I don’t know where my r64 or r67 are, as I understand these may need to be re-wired??.. But any opinion or advice would be greatly appreciated.

I will upload pictures of my
Logic board ASAP.

Kind regards


these are pictures of the logic board. As mentioned I have removed d4 but cannot locate r64 or r67.

thanks again for any help or advice


fzakbar is your man…

not my ball park here… try pm’ng him 

Thanks wizer and will do :slight_smile: