Help with DLNA

Hi All,

I recently bought WD Cloud primarly to backup my laptop which is working fine.

Now I am trying to configure DNLA server so that I can play my media using Roku player. I did some reading and found that I have to copy photos from my backup folder to the public folder for DLNA to work. I have few questions on this topic:

  1. Why do I have to create a copy of the file? Is there a better way?

  2. When I add a picture to backup folder, is there a way it gets added to the public folder?

  3. I orginize pictures year wise, I would like to see pictures orgnized in the same way when copied to the public folder.

  4. In WD My Clould UI --> Under Share - is it possible to navigate to a picture folder which I want to be considered for DLNA share. Currely all folder show-up regardless of file type.

Thanks for your help.