Help with Auto Play -- I want to use the device as digital video signage

I’ve done this before but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to do it now.  I just bought a new Live Hub device for my business.  The thinking was, I’d use it in place of a DVD changer hooked to a TV that basically plays through videos endlessly.

I setup one device about a year ago to do this with video files and it works.  I turn the unit on and it automaticall starts playing locally stored video files on endless repeat.  I loaded the same videos on this new unit but I can’t figure out how to make it do this as well.  I feel like it must be something obvious but I can’t seem to remember what I did.  Does anyone else use it this way?

Ok looks like a firmware update to 3.08.14 magically made videos start playing on powerup.  LOL

vanmichael -

Has your unit worked without issues since your post?  I am using firmware 3.08.14 and I cannot get my videos to play more than 2-5 times through (inconsistent) before the screen turns black (not the WD screensaver).  I was curious what format your videos were in?  I have tried .mp4 and .mkv without success so far.